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For only - that's about 1/4 of a movie ticket - you get Dr. members, a few shows are only available in mono (as indicated). Mar 20, 1994[ Play List ] TRAINS 9410: Middle of the House, Do the Clinton, One Hen, I'm a Train, Choo Choo Ch'boogie, We're Rocking in the Rest Home, Untie my Ankles, What the Engine Done, Way Down Deep You're Shallow, It's Time for Killing Barney Mar 6, 1994[ Play List ] THE BEATLES: More Beatle parody's, Pop Hates the Beatles, Beatle Rap, Three different versions of I Want To Hold Your Hand, R Is For Ringo, The Beatles Barber and A day In The Life by Whimsical Will Feb 6, 1994[ Play List ] WEIRD AL TALKS ABOUT ALAPALOOZA: Ren & Stimpy TV soundtrack songs, Donald Where's Your Troosers, Mrs. A., Up Jurassic Park Jul 4, 1993[ Play List ] SEA SONGS: Clean Song, Men, Still no Sign of Land, Sharks Ate my Baby Brother, Classical Massacre, My Ball Card Collection, Friend of the Fetus, It's Alive, Smoke, Chicken Fat, Exercise til You Die, Fish, Under the Sea, Happy Happy Joy Joy, Stairway to Heaven, Three Little Pigs May 16, 1993[ Play List ] Daily Dose Of Dementia (Jan. 12 93): Hair Piece, Sister Mary Elephant, Kidnapped, PMS Airlines, Fat Man's Prayer, Pet Shop, Jimmy Peterson, No Anchovies Please, Car Noises, Abominable Snowman, White House, Traffic, Fast Food, Tonto's Cowboy Bank, Gospel Maniacs, Diet Song, Cooking, Noah, Moose Goosers Jan 18, 1993[ Play List ] DIETING: Eat too Much, Ooh Don't Touch That, Life Sucks then You Die, Laptop Unit, Diet Song, You People are Fat, Just Elvis, Fat Man's Prayer, Snack by Snack, Housewives on Diet Pills, Stacy Brown's Got Two, They're Coming to Take me Away in Spanish, I Hope you Got Fat, Wizard of Arkansoz, Help I'm White and I Can't Get Down Jan 17, 1993[ Play List ] KLSX HALLOWEEN: Werewolves of London, I was a Teenage Werewolf, I Want my Baby Back, Dinner with Drac, Screaming Ball at Dracula Hall, I'm a Ghost, Carmen Miranda's Ghost, Haunted House, Frankenstein '59, Sitting up with the Dead, Goblin Girl, Dark Shadows Theme, Psycho, Werecow, Monster Mash Oct 25, 1992[ Play List ] DEMENTED COUNTRY MUSIC: Neil Young, Hay Fever Song, Give me the Carcass of Ernie Banks, Road Kill, Arnold Rap, Log Theme, They Whack Balls, I Hate Country, Country Music is Here to Stay, Prisoner's Song, One Piece at a Time, You Never Even Called me by my Name, Hey Batman 92, Smells Like Nirvana Aug 23, 1992[ Play List ] ELVIS 15TH ANNIVERSARY: Elvis has Just Left the Building, I Saw Elvis in a UFO, That's Alright Mama, Elvis Presley for President, Yoga is as Yoga Does, Dominic, King is Gone, Velvet Elvis, Elvis Imitator, Elvis Rap, Baby I'm Dead, Elvis is Everywhere, Are you Lonesome Tonight?Demento's latest show, complete -- dozens of songs, many of which you'll find nowhere else, streamed right to your computer. Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding streaming before you purchase your first show. EVEN MORE DEMENTED SONGS by ROCK AND ROLL ARTISTS: Snack Attack, No Anchoveys Please, Hold Tight (Want Some Seafood Mama), Boris the Spider, Old Ben Lucas, [Plexiglas Toilet], The Scotsman Nov 20, 1994[ Play List ] EXERCISE: You Can't Hide those Giant Thighs, Up Down Touch the Ground, Big Mac Tree, Spring Fishing, Ollie Off Scott Free, Winnebago Pioneers, Astro Boy, Chicken Fat, Bring Back the '60's, When I was Your Age, Stress, Ain't it a Beauty, Satan Gave me a Taco, Werecow, Hitting Bedrock, God Told me to Rob the 7-11 Jul 17, 1994[ Play List ] RETURN TO L. PART ONE: Back in the Saddle Again, Bedrock Anthem, Time for Killing Barney, I Was Born About 10,000,000 Songs Ago, Man Who Couldn't Cry, That's How I Got my Start, Cross-Eyed Gal up on the Hill, Yellow Rose of Texas, Lunch Lady Land, Down with V. G., Big Mac Tree, God Told me to Rob the 7-11 Jul 3, 1994[ Play List ] RETURN TO L. PART TWO: Demented News, Weenie Whacker, Masochism Tango, Do the Clinton, Bald Guys, King Tut, Declaration of Independence, When I was a Dinosaur, Jurassic Park, 2000-year-old Man, Dwarf Tossing, 30-Point Buck, Stairway to Heaven, I Don't Wanna Do That, Trip to Jurassic Park Jul 3, 1994[ Play List ] JOHN FORSTER INTERVIEW: Eggplant Ate Chicago, Little bit Late, Stress, Zombie Jamboree, Caning Michael Fey, Whip, Who Threw Whiskey in the Well, Nicotine Man, Doop, Entering Marion, Big Mac Tree, Fusion, Bedrock Rap, God Told me to Rob the 7-11 Jun 5, 1994[ Play List ] INSTRUMENTAL DEMENTIA: Thus Cacked Henrietta, 2001 Polkas, Dear Abby, Trucker, Lunchlady Land, Typewriter, Michael's Market, It Ain't the Meat it's the Motion, I Wanna be a Flintstone, Rocky Meets Moose, Monty Python theme, Barnyard Concert, Do the Clinton Apr 10, 1994[ Play List ] SPIKE JONES: Here's a treat for all you Spike Jones Fans, many of your favorite requested songs by this renowned artist that actually "kick-started" Dr. Fletcher, Louie Louie, Nina Cocka Nina, Frank's 2000" TV, The Big 5-0, My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth, It's Time for Killing Barney, Jurassic Park Oct 17, 1993[ Play List ] CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Terrorist Christmas, Axel Christmas, If 10% is Good Enough for Jesus, Put Another Log on the Fire, Smells like Nirvana, Lyle Lovett's Hair, Santa Claus is Watching You, Condoms for Christmas, Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues, Rusty Chevrolet, Shlock Rod, Yoda, Trip to Jurassic Park Jul 25, 1993[ Play List ] BABIES: Baby Zone, I'm a Little Dinossaur, You Might be a Redneck, Dang Me, Do the Freddy, Rover, Dog with Plastic Stomach, Coneheads, Eskimo, Bruces, Bach is Dead, Golf Song, Dweebs from Mars, Martian March, Trip, Stairway to Heaven, Thorazine Shuffle, When I was a Dinosaur Jul 11, 1993[ Play List ] ALL-AMERICAN: Stars & Stripes Forever, Mother Nature, Telephone Tag, Like a Suburban Drone, Back from the Shadows, Be Kind to your Web-Footed Friends, Green Garden Hose, To Anacreon in Heaven, Library, Coming Back for More, Sound Off, Mr. Aug 16, 1992[ Play List ] BIG DADDY INTERVIEW: Martian Boogie, Meet the Staff of Mad, Rioting to the Hits, Take me out to the Ballgame, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Memories of Manhattan Furniture Store, A Day in the Life, Happy Happy Joy Joy, The Smoke-Off, Ren & Stimpy Jun 7, 1992[ Play List ] SPRING: Circular Impression, Teenage Romance, Men who Love Women who Love Men, Cow Radio, Since my Baby Turned Gay, Old Man Atom, Banzai Banzai, Little Devil, Laughing Gas, Whole, Springtime for Hitler, Rock Lobster, Crabs Walk Sideways, Argument Clinic, Kill a Cat, PMS Airlines Mar 8, 1992[ Play List ] PSYCHIATRY: Tell Laura I Love Her, Entering Marion, Hardest Rhyme, Get You Biscuits in the Oven, I Live the Life I Love, Groundhog, Kill a Cat, You Don't Bring me Flowers, Which Witch Doctor, Dr.Thank You Jimmy Jimmy My summer US history class is studying about Pocahantas and we read the article on the Myth that you have in class and I really enjoyed it. James James Barker To Chief Crazy Horse,thank you for the site i found it very interesting especially the Pocahontas myth!It really showed our class that there is more to the story than what is really told I really enjoyed it and thank you... This i always assumed was correct now i know differently.The links were very good indeed and i have found so many things that its not even funny. And i hope that my teacher does not mind that i do have so many pretty pictures on my poster!!! WAS BORN AND RAISED IN NEW ZEALAND, BORN IN DUNEDIN, RAISED IN CHRISTCHURCH AND LIVED ON THREE LIGHTHOUSES PUYSEGUR POINT, AKAROA AND STEPHENS ISLAND, MY FAMILY NOW LIVES ON THE WEST COAST, I MISS IT A LOT AND I REALLY DID ENJOY YOUR PICTURES. I visited New Zealand & Fiji last January with a few friends, and just reading and looking at the photo's brought back all the memories, only wish I had kept a record to do the same, but I will next time, Cheers, Ray So fare I am reading almost everyday about Australia on your site. is it possible to take fotocamera and videocamera on habor bridge? Iam going there with a friend from Germany for the month of November. Please write the webmaster if you are having problems. Presley, Bob, Monster Mash, Fox in Socks, Jeannie's Diner, Ikey & Mikey, Sam, Day of the Game, Feetball, Nick Bellows Sports Talk, Cheerleaders on Drugs, 20 Years of Dementia, Oi it's so Humid Oct 6, 1991[ Play List ] ANNIVERSARY COMPILATION: Live in Cleveland 1991 (20th anniversary), Live in Vancouver 1981 (10th anniversary), Live with Eggman and Gayla Peevey (2010) Sep 23, 1991[ Play List ] [ Play List ] [ Play List ] AIRPLANES: Jesus Loves Me but He Can't Stand You, Phony Valentine Blues, Along Came Larry, Sidewalk Surfing, Let's Make Love in a Microwave, Electricity, '90's Philosopher, Motorcycle Song, Trapped in an Elevator with a Mime, I Remember the Night, Ajax Airlines, Heaving on a Jet Plane, Come Josephine in my Flying Machine, I Lost my Heart on a 747, No Smoking, Boy I Work with, Baby Zone, Shaving Cream Sep 1, 1991[ Play List ] HOWIE NAVE & LOOSE BRUCE KERR INTERVIEW: Whatever Happened to Eddie, Purple Haze, Oy it's so Humid, Hey Conductor, Cheese Head Song, I Want to be Catholic, Hot Dog Boogie, How Come my Dog Don't Bark, Schnauzer, Don't Pet the Dog, Touch Yourself, They're Coming to Take me Away Aug 18, 1991[ Play List ] Moose in my House, Terminator vs.

Darryll Seabourne I was delighted to see this website. Father's Side: Timothy Willis (son of Erie"Cue"Willis & Phoebe(Cosby)Willis; Ware Neck, Matthews County; Willis &/or Tabb Plantations.My name is Jenny kollez 24yrs old, simple person, single never married, focused in life and cherish my friends. i work with International Visa Agency London.i Will write more of my profile. Your information was useful, but I need some additional details. As I was going through your slide here at work all the guys including the Big Ass (my boss) was going crazy over those tanned hot babes gatting rays. First of all I'm a fifth grade student at Grassland Elementary in Nashville, TN. Thanks for reading and i hope we would positively impact each other definitely see each other. hello im faysal from france 25 years u have mooi site i looking for somme pictures from all the holland if u have something send my asb my site is can live a lot of comments see uthankyou for creating this website i found it very helpful when completing an assignment for graphics on the Sydney Opera House. I need the weight of the pavement (the roads, and rail) on the bridge; the details of approach roads. Hey doc, maybe you should put some more of those slides on the net..to go. My teacher assigned a project on famous bridges and I decited on The Sydney Horbour Bridge!!! Are you tired of those bland, boring radio shows that have caused millions of listeners to become musical zombies over the past few years?Do you just sit around your radio and wish for an audio show that'll make your brain cells rejoice, bounce and Da Nc E ?

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Sephardic Connection is a program sponsored by Torah Ohr Congregation in Great Neck NY and is available to all Jewish singles featuring activities and events designed to bring Jewish singles to their soul mates.

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Originally, the Richard Gere and Julia Roberts rom com had a lot less rom AND com — titled might have made you absolutely miserable — but it would probably have led more easily to a sequel!

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Maybe one day Nairobi will be laid out with tarred roads, with avenues of flowering trees, flanked by noble buildings; with open spaces and stately squares; a cathedral worthy of faith and country; museums and of art; theaters and public offices.

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Thousands of visitors return daily to the site to see their male of choice.

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Health care in the UK is provided by the National Health Service (NHS). Everybody in the UK is eligible to register with a local doctor (GP) and to access primary care for free.

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Pharmacist Provision of Emergency Contraception to Women Without a Doctor’s Prescription.

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The leading Western economies adopted Keynes's policy recommendations before the outbreak of World War II, and in the two decades following Keynes's death in 1946, almost all capitalist governments had done so.