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XPEDITION FRENCH EXPLORATIONS — MARQUETTE AND JOLIET — LA SALLE's EXPEDITIONS THE MEXICAN CESSION ANNEXATION OF TEXAS OREGON BOUNDARY DISPUTE — NEBRASKA TERRI- TORY OF DAKOTA IDAHO RECAPITULATION 75 CHAPTER VI THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE LA SALLE's CLAIM TO THE COUNTRY DRAINED BY THE MISSISSIPPI — CONTRO- versy over the navigation of the mississippi river — treaty of madrid napoleon and talleyrand secret treaty of san ildefonso — retro- cession of louisiana to france sentiment in the united states — Jefferson's diplomacy — Livingston and monroe — purchase of Louisi- ana FULL text of the TREATY OF PARIS — CEREMONY OF TRANSFER THE TEMPORARY GOVERNMENT — DIVISION OF THE PROVINCE 84 CHAPTER VII THE FUR TRADERS BEGINNING OF THE FUR TRADE — THE FRENCH THE PIONEERS — FREE TRADERS AND TRAPPERS — INFLUENCE OF THE TRADER AND TRAPPER ON THE DENELOP- MENT OF THE WEST — THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY — THE NORTH-WEST COMPANY — THE AMERICAN FUR COMPANY THE PACIFIC FUR COMPANY — MANUEL LISA THE MISSOURI FLIR COMPANY — HUNt's EXPEDITION — RE- TURN OF THE ASTORIANS — ROCKY MOLINTAIN FLIR COMPANY — SMITH, JACK- SON & SUBLETTE — SKETCHES OF NOTED TRAPPERS COLUMBIA FUR COMPANY — THE MACKINAW COMPANY — TRADING POSTS IN WYOMING 93 CHAPTER VIII EXPLORERS AND EXPLORATIONS EARLY EXPLORATIONS IN AMERICA CHIEFLY ALONG THE COAST — CORON.XDo'S EXPEDITION ON TO QUIVIRA OTHER SPANISH EXPEDITIONS — VERENDRYE — LEWIS AND CLARK — HANCOCK AND DIXON LIEUTENANT PIKE EZEKIEL WILLIAMS — long's EXPEDITION N.\THANIEL J.Thomas, who permitted the use of his large and well assorted private library; and to the state librarian. Wright, and her assistants for their unifonn courtesies while the work was in course of preparation. Houx for his contribution to this history on "Wyoming, the New Oil State'' ; to Albert B. Chaplin, for data relating to the early history of the Press of the state; to Bishop Patrick A.Bartlett, for his valuable paper on the "Geology of Wyoming" ; to Hon. Mc Govern, for material relating to the early history of the Catholic church, and to Dr. CONTENTS CHAPTER I WYOMING— A GENERAL VIEW TOPOGRAPHY RIVERS AND LAKES — FORESTS GAME AND FISH REMARKABLE SCENERY — CLIMATE — PRECIPITATION CLASSIFICATION OF LANDS — MINERAL RESOURCES — PRODUCTIONS — INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT IRRIGATION AND DRY FARMING I7 CHAPTER II WYOMING'S PRE-HISTORIC RACES RECENT ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES — SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATIONS ANCIENT ABORIGINAL QUARRIES THE SO-CALLED "SPANISH DIGGINS" ANCIENT SYS- TEM OF MINING DESCRIPTION OF STONE IMPLEMENTS — SHOP AND VILLAGE SITES LATER QUARRIES FOUND — SHOULD BE A NATIONAL PARK THEORIES OF THE ANTIQUITY OF THE SPECIMENS — CAVE DWELLINGS — THE MEDICINE WHEELS IN THE BIG HORN MOUNTAINS DISCOVERIES IN BRIDGER BASIN STORY OF THE PRE-HISTORIC ANIMALS AND THE GREAT FOSSIL FIELDS OF WYOMING 31 CHAPTER III YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK FIRST INHABITANTS — INDIAN TRAILS ORIGIN OF THE NAME "y ELLOWSTONe" — GENERAL DESCRIPTION, SURFACE, WATERCOURSES, ETC. U« 978.7 B285h v.l 1698216 REYNOLDS HISTORICAL GENEALOGY COLLECTION EN COUNTY PUBLIC UBRAR 3 1833 01066 8975 HISTORY OF WYOMING I. Remote from man's dominion, wild and free, A spell of deep enchantment o'er it cast; Here wrought the power of Nature's alchemy To make a new and better land at last. And wring from Destiny her promise late, Which points the path of Empire to their feet And shows the firm foundations of a State. Where the strong billows of the foothills break On mountain walls like sea waves on the strand ; Where mighty canyons and dark forests make The wilderness an ancient wonderland. CLARKE PUBLISHING COMPANY 1918 WYOMING— OLD AND NEW I. BARTLETT Where Nature held her so Htary reign Through the long cycles of the ages past; Where lofty mountains burst above the plain Creating solitudes profound and vast.

The soil was then untouched by the plow of the husbandman, the groves and forests had not yet echoed the sound of the woodman's ax, the rich treasures of coal and ore had not felt the stroke of the miner's pick, and the only civilized persons who had penetrated the vast, primeval solitudes were the trappers, hunters, Indian traders and missionaries, or the emigrants on their way to the gold fields of California or the Mormon settlement at the Great Salt Lake. Great irrigating systems were constructed, arid lands were reclaimed, and the desert was made to "blossom as the rose." Thousands of cattle and sheep grazed where once the antelope and bison held their undisputed sway.The council wigwam of the Indian has given way to halls of legislation, the war-whoop of the savage has been supplanted by the of peaceful industry, and all this development has been made within the memory of people yet living.To tell the story of this wonderful progress, as well as to give accounts of the pre-historic inhabitants, the trappers, traders and early explorers ; to keep green the memories of the past : to recount the deeds and achievements of the \'yoming pioneers, that subsequent generations may emulate their worthy exam- ples and profit by their mistakes, is the purpose of this history.Grace Raymond Hebard of the University of Wyoming, for access to her extensive personal collections relating to Wyoming history. GEOLOGY THE GEYSERS JOHN COLTER JIM BRIDGER EXPLORING EXPEDITIONS — ACT OF DEDICATION MANAGEMENT OF THE PARK — AN ANIMAL SANCTUARY BIRDS AND FISH 45 CHAPTER IV INDIAN HISTORY EVIDENCES OF AN ANCIENT CIVILIZATION — THE INDIAN RACE — TRIBAL DISTRI- BUTION AT THE CLOSE OF THE FIFTEENTH CENTURY — WYOMING TRIBES THE ARAPAHO TRADITION OF THE FLOOD — THE CHEYENNE — THE CROW THE SHOSHONE CHIEF WASHAKIE — OTHER TRIBES — FOREIGN POLICY 5 6 CONTENTS TOWARD THE INDIANS — THE UNITED STATES POLICY ADOPTION OF THE TREATY SYSTEM TREATY OF FORT LARAMIE BOUNDARIES OF TRIBAL DOMAINS — TREATY WITH THE SIOUX THE CROW TREATY — CHEYENNE AND ARAPAHO TREATY — TREATY OF FORT BRIDGER — WIND RIVER RESERVATION ...The hearty cooperation of these and other good people over the state has made our task a pleasant one and has greatly enhanced the interest and value of the work. 59 CHAPTER V WYOMING UNDER \'ARIOUS JURISDICTIONS FIRST CLAIMED BY SPAIN — DE SOTO's E.

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She advised, "You have to realize that every single word that we say is on camera. It can be a really hard thing for people to get used to." Because the celebrities (and their professional partners) are dealing with a lot of pressure on the show, Burgess suggests one rule --"Try not to blow up on camera if you're having a really bad day.

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Before we give a real-world example, let's first understand the permissions as they apply to directories and files.

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Pink - Site catering just to lesbians and their interests.

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Bei den meisten Menschen die sich auf das erste mal begegnen, kommt es früher oder später auch zum ersten Treffen.

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Be sure to get your bad date stories submitted too! We've all had experiences that, to us, are the worst dates in history. So I meet this guy on a dating site and exchange a few emails.

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Site || ; Site.ml_text = {"tour.steps.prev":"Prev","thursday.short":"Thu","likus.users.add_more":"And count more","fbmerging.step1.description.agreement":"Import","date.month.march.short":"Mar","/editalias.title":"Edit Note","sharing.service.viber":"Viber","date.month.february.long":"February","memories.title.edit":"Edit privacy level","date.month.january.long":"January","filterset.title.addfriend.journal":"You have added username as friend and have subscribed to their new entries on friends feed","sharing.service.stumbleupon":"Stumble Upon","date.month.april.short":"Apr","date.month.december.short":"Dec","date.format.short":"%M/%D/%Y","sharing.service.vkontakte":"VKontakte","fbmerging.step3convert_but":"Convert identity","feedpromo.complaint.hide":"Hide Promo","feedpromo.complaint.delete":"Delete","fbmerging.step4nothing":"Don't import previous posts","fbmerging.step4mounth":"Last month","date.month.december.long":"December","date.format.offset":"0","api.error.filters.filter_already_exist":"Filter already exist","likus.users.title":"They liked it","fbmerging.step4week":"Last week","adfox.noads":"Tired of ads?

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There is no one who will truly be able to make you feel understood and heard quite like an introvert can.

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And because of that..has been such a blessing for both of us.” ~ Bryan Long We recognize that it can be challenging to meet other Christian singles with whom you share common goals, interests, and backgrounds in your geographical area, and we can help.

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– God is residing in His own planet somewhere in the universe.